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metalhime Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hey, I finally managed to start reading your comic! Like I said before it was the style what caught me. I was wondering how you came to draw this, cause it's been 10 issues, right? Like... did you have any experience at drawing comics? 
I like the atmosphere and the concept of this, the characters are also awesome. Now that I've read a bit about Patrick I want to know more about Vinnie :D But I guess I'll find something in the next issues. Good work anyway :) Oh, also had this question, you say this is a remake... How did it start? How long did it take for you to take the decision of remaking it? I hope I don't bother you with so many questions XD
BestHeelofAllTime Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for checking it out~! :)

Ah, well, the history behind it is kinda unique. :) Originally my character Patrick was an NPC character from an old myspace role-play account I had back in 2009, part of a Professor Ratigan/Great Mouse Detective group I was apart of. Originally he was part of a group of thieves (though in that version he was a good guy thrown into a band of bad guys, with a soft heart); as time wore on though, with the people I was RPing with, my friend Lily and Frankie von Drake at the time, they found Patrick to be a lot more popular than my Ratigan interpretation was. :3 After having his last adventure in which he finally broke off ties to Ratigan, he kinda laid dormant and I took a long break from role-playing for awhile.

I guess about a year later, I was trying to make sense of what to do. Obviously at that point I was kinda just scraping the surface with getting back into art again, though through digital means (at that point, before I had Flash MX Pro, I was usually doing MSPaint stuff; I had Flash, but at the time was very nervous about using it). Around December, I was in the middle of a chat with my friend Sarah Orton, who I had also met during my RPing days, and we were in still good contact. :3 While browsing through online comics, I wondered, 'Y'know, what would happen if I kinda tried doing that?' :) She convinced me to give it a shot, and I started doing a few pages that would ultimately become Issue 1. :3

A lot of the Issue 1 pages from 2010 are no longer on deviantArt, as I replaced them all with the new pages (though the original art style remains very much in it's original form, because at the time me and my fanbase decided to 'revamp' the comics, it was decided it would be too much to simply go back and redraw everything from scratch, you see: we modified only what felt needed to be done - such as toning down the bright colors, fixing Patrick's broken dialogue, and so on. :nod: ). I still have them on my PC as momentos, but what you see here are all replaced and revised editions. :) Issues 2 is presently finished, and is actually almost completely redrawn, except for some bits and pieces that we spared. Issue 3 is in the process of being completely revised from scratch, the 'Director's Cut' if you will, but I think -should- still be readable as from page 5 onward, the 2011 edition pages (as opposed to pages 1 - 4, and the new cover, from 2014, are all brand new), is still going on... I hope to continue them for the rest of the month. :3 Issues 4 and onward won't be revised, except maybe brand new covers and minor touch-ups.

I believe the decision came about to revamp and remake the early issues of the series came about Spring of last year, actually. :) By then I had just gotten a brand new computer to replace my old one, on top of a brand new computer monitor, so now everything is up to better artistic standards than it used to be. When I started originally, I was running on a broken down hand-me-down PC with a ton of problems, and the computer monitor back then had a broken plug (which is why all the colors are so bright and "off", if you will, I had to second-guess back then a lot of the coloring involved in it). :nod:

I began doing comics in high school, way back in 2001, though I've been drawing since I was a child. :3 The popularity of my first series 'Aaron's Cartoon Adventure' turned out to be a very cool thing, and once it was done in 2005, I really didn't know or have any insight as to whether or not I should continue to have a career out of it. :3 When I made KUWT, it was probably the best decision I ever could have made: it's really caught on with people over the years, and it holds a tender place in my heart. :3 I'm fully dedicated in making people happy with it, hoping to make something special with it.

I hope this wasn't too long a response. ^^; My sincerest apologies. :(

metalhime Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
It catches my attention the way you came with the idea, while you had that time of role-playing. Sometimes one just don't know how one point will connect to other point in the future, but when you do things with your heart, everything falls into place eventually. I don't know if you do this for living, but still it's so nice to read someone who is dedicated to their works :) 
BestHeelofAllTime Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
:) Thank you.

Patrick and my girl friend Sarah's character Milon are the sole survivors from the myspace period, while the other characters are all fresh and exclusive to the series. :) KUWT's probably one of the best things I've done in years, I think; I've been through a lot since it's conception, a lot of ups and downs, but it's in a position now that I'm proud of. :3 Hopefully more good things will come. Podcasts, the awards I won from it, I couldn't be happier. :hug:

Hopefully I can continue to improve it as years go by. :)
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